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Nov 3, 2013 6:00am PST
, 2013. twice in los angeles, flights are operating normally at los angeles airport after the shootings, it left a tsa agent dead and several others injured. we get the latest now from carter evans. >> when paul opened fire in terminal three, he was carried a handwritten note, fbi special agent david bowdag. e. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> he was dropped off at the airport and then shot gerardo hernandez point blank. he is the first tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. even as he sprayed bullets from his assault bullet rifle throughout the, few were injured, airport police chief -- >> we were so lucky. >> in all honesty this could have been much, much worse. >> in his hometown of pen field, new jersey many are asking why. but so far there are no answers. >> josh pagan was a former neighbor. >> he was a friendly guy and there had to be something horrific to go on for him to do something like that. >> he is charged with murder ago federal officer while on duty and could face the death penalty, and authorities are say
Nov 24, 2013 6:00am PST
's something cooking in downtown los angeles. where the specialty of the house is second chances. >> i was homeless. >> i didn't think i was going to live passed 30. >> jessie works at the bakery. >> what are you making? >> dinner rolls for wheels on wheels. >> an estimated 45,000 gang members on the streets of l.a. or in and out of prison. >> what sort of offenses? >> attempted murders. armed robbery. >> pamela served time, too. now she serves meals at the cafe next to the bakery. >> i love coming to work every day. >> thousands of ex gang members have gotten a fresh start at home boy industry. thanks to this man. father greg boyle a priest went to work in the poorest area more than 25 years ago. did you really know what you were getting in to? >> i never said, i think i might work with gang members. i was a pastor. it was my choice was to roll up my sleeves or to stick my head in the sand. >> he chose the former what did you do with your paycheck? >> in 1992 father greg described the violence on the street to "60 minutes." >> kids get shot every day, every night. we've had shootings
Nov 17, 2013 6:00am PST
convicted him. >> yeah. >> reporter: former los angeles county prosecutor vincent buell east coastsy knows a thing or two about evidence. he put charles man son behind bars. >> is this what you expected? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: he wrote a 1500 page analysis with the warren report and walked away convinced the commission got it right. >> i'm not just satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of oswald's guilt, i'm satisfied beyond all doubt. it's not an open question. >> reporter: beyond all doubt? >> beyond all doubt. >> reporter: even though oswald said he was a patsy and never admitted to any of it. >> that doesn't mean anything! if he had the immorality and the boldness to kill the president of the united states certainly he had much the much lesser immorality to deny doing it. >> reporter: why are you convinced there was no conspiracy? >> i told the jury once, i said, folksly stipulate that three people can keep a secret but only if two are dead. and here after 50 years not one credible word of a conspiracy. not one syllable as leaked out. why because there's nothing to leak out. it
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)